Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Marina and Port development

The Government of Cyprus is currently studying the tender conditions for the development of the Larnaka Port and Marina under a D.B.O.T project. The Larnaka port and its adjacent Marina include 500 acres of land on the seafront extended over 2 kilometers, reclaimed by the sea during the initial construction in the early 1970’s. The agenda of the successful investors should include new hotels, holiday flats and other entertaining features and uses to be mingled with the famous palm trees esplanade, the commercial and tourist center of Larnaka.

This aggressive DBOT project requires, as well, the expansion of the Marina to about 2000 yacht births and the transformation of the Larnaka port into a new passenger and cruising center as its gates are within walking distance from the most beautiful coastal city center of the whole of the island. The combination of the Marina, the holiday and other accommodation available and to be developed, plus the other features that the contracting investors will have to improvise on the Larnaka seafront is expected to transform the city by the year 2012 into a new town resort unique in the Eastern Mediterranean. The completion of the processes and the signing of a contract with the successful consortium of investors for this project are expected to be finalized by the year 2008.