Thursday, November 27, 2008

Environmental Activities of the Larnaka Municipality

The municipality of Larnaca is involved in many areas of environmental protection:-

By law it is directly is responsible for:-
• Household garbage collection.
• Hygienic disposal of town waste.
• Hygiene of food, restaurants, shops, tank water etc.
• Road and open space cleaning.
• Development of parks, green areas and town ecology.
• New responsibilities after accession in the E.U.

Takes care of ecological domains as partner in other organizations:-
• The Larnaca Sewerage Board.
• The Committee for the Protection of the Larnaka Salt Lakes.
• The Larnaca Board for the Recycling of Household Waste (still not ready under law)
• The Larnaca Lab for Pollution Watch.
• The Blue Flag program for the cleanliness of seawater.

Plans for better urban environment through municipal decisions for:-
• Traffic control.
• Town mobility
• Public Transport.
• Pedestrian streets and areas.

Uses its authority and influence to control polluters such as:-
• Larnaca International Airport.
• Petroleum Refinery
• Petrol depositing.
• Power plant of Dekelia.
• Local Industry
• Local work shops


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Unknown said...

Hello, Deputy Mayor Michaelides. I seek your help on an environmental/cultural matter. My parents are longtime residents of Larnaca, and they live opposite the small park on Kilkis St. between the archaeological museum and the tennis club. The park is often filled with beer cans and other trash. My father, who is more than 70 years old, personally cleans the park because nobody else does it. I have made a series of inquiries to Town Hall and the museum - each says the other is responsible for upkeep of the park. Can you shed any light on who is responsible for this 'no man's land' and can any steps be taken to make sure the park is clean? I am an American journalist based in Turkey, but I travel frequently to Larnaca. Thanks and best regards. Christopher Torchia