Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Europe Square

It is at the beginning of Athens Avenue and it is decorated with the first colonial buildings the British Administration built in Cyprus in 1879. It was the first year the British occupied the island and Larnaka was the biggest port and urban center of the island, so the housing of British colonial administration had to get started from here. The Colony’s Governor building, the chief Port Master house and office, the Chief Customs Officer residence and office, the colonial port warehouses are some of these old buildings now restored to accommodate the Paleontology museum, the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, the City-Museum and Archives and the District Administration of Larnaka. The restoration of the old colonial warehouses won the “Europa Nostra” award in 1996. The artistic composition “seagulls in flight” of sculptor Papagiannis was also placed in 1996, updating the area, and ‘Europe Square’ name was given by the Municipal Council to honor the European Union.

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