Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kimon Square and Seafront Stage

Kimon Square is in the middle of Athens Avenue, and was named in the 1920’s to honor Athenian General Kimon, who in the 5th century BC arrived here with 200 triremes to free Cyprus from Persian rule. He besieged Kition (Larnaka), which was the stronghold of the Persians and he defeated the Persian fleet in the nearby open sea. He died here before final victory and his army, according to ancient historians, buried him in Larnaka and the people of Kition honored him since. General Kimon’s bust is an artwork of an Athenian sculptor and was placed here in the 1920’s. Next to the bust the municipality of Larnaka constructed the open air “Seafront Stage” where all free of charge summer festivities of the town are taking place. Of special interest are the Cataclysm’s festivities of the Pentecost in early June, where the Square is visited by thousands of people from all over Cyprus.

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