Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The new Mecca for Civil Ceremonies

It is not only Aphrodite with the myth of Eros that inspires magic to couples all over the world for civil marriages in Larnaca. It is much more. The short flights from Middle Eastern Airports and the availability of direct flights to Larnaca from many European Centers is one good reason to start with. Another is the fact that such easy solution for young couples in love is largely unavailable in Israel and in most Moslem countries. The good sunshine and the extreme hospitality of the people in a town resort for all seasons, seems to be another good reason why Larnaca attract so many other couples internationally.

To satisfy the growing demand for the victims of the arrows of Eros on the Island of the Goddess of Love, the Municipality of Larnaca has recently acquired a beautiful building near the Municipality, off Athens Avenue near the beautiful seafront palm trees road. Restored and renovated, this 19th century aristocratic urban mansion is to serve from now on the mission of civil ceremonies in Larnaca (Photos). The civil marriage department of the Municipality has its base there and can provide to the interested parties a fantastic lounge for the ceremony, ample space inside or outside the building for celebrating receptions and the photos of the newly married.

Last but most important is that the rest of the rooms of the Larnaca new Municipal building for Civil Ceremonies will be the only Museum in Cyprus featuring rare Cypriot collections of ancient jewels, silver and golden micro-items related to marriages and found in the city of Larnaca reflecting its 4000 years of continuous history.

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Paola Caridi said...

I'm an Italian journalist, and I would like to write a reportage on civil marriages. How is it possible to contact you?

Paola Caridi